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Oxygen Gas Plant

  1. Oxygen Filling Plant

    Our oxygen filling plant is developed to be simple, efficient and reliable. It has latest safety and production features that make it perfect for different industrial sectors. Low cost of production, reduced noise level and innovative filling system are a few benefits. Oxygen has varied applications in industries like water processing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and more.
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  2. Oxygen Plant

    We develop advance oxygen plants that generate oxygen effectively & efficiently. Oxygen has a broad range of applications in various processes and industry sectors. We keep up with innovative technology, and our plants ensure simplicity of operation, safety, reliability and extended operational life. They are high-efficiency systems for the production of oxygen.
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  3. Low Pressure Liquid Oxygen Plants

    Low pressure liquid oxygen plants are ideal for a number of industrial uses. They create oxygen at high purity and have really low power consumption. They are incorporated with reliable components and proven oxygen technology. The plants produce a considerable amount of quality liquid oxygen, and they operate economically and reasonably.
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  4. Industrial Oxygen Gas Plant

    Our industrial oxygen gas plants are safe and economical. They are engineered to be efficient, have lower operating pressures, and reduced power consumption. The plants ensure trouble-free operation for years, and produce quality oxygen in varying combinations. They save on maintenance & power cost, and bring high purity gas. Also, they feature easy installation and economical viability.
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  5. Medical Oxygen Plants

    We design and develop effective medical oxygen plants that are important for medical and healthcare industry. They ensure oxygen purity, safe delivery of gas, and economy. Also, the plants are safe for medical use. Our systems are well integrated, technologically sound and cost efficient. They have advanced components to insure smooth performance and reliability.
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  6. Oxygen Gas Plants

    We develop innovative oxygen gas plants that are exceedingly stable and economical. They offer a consistency in gas production and purity. Safe & easy to operate, they provide fast production and better cooling. The plants are designed for economical installation and operational simplicity. They have efficient expansion engine with low working pressure.
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  7. Cryogenic Oxygen Plant

    Designed for various industrial facilities, our cryogenic oxygen plants create oxygen at very high purity. Here efficient cryogenic air separation accomplishes oxygen with 99.6% purity approx. It produces high purity product for a range of industrial uses. Simplicity in use, low maintenance & operational cost are other important features.
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  8. Industrial Oxygen Plant

    Oxygen is one of the largest industrial gases. Our industrial oxygen plants are applicable in a number of industries, covering water processing, steel industry, healthcare, and more. They are automatic, cost efficient and simple operating. There is a right mix of innovative oxygen technology and dependable components. The plants ensure high reliability and proven performance for years.
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  9. Medium Pressure Oxygen Plant

    We develop and design medium pressure oxygen plants that produce high-purity oxygen for medical and industrial use. Safe and simple to operate, they offer quick start and fast cooling. Also, the plants are high efficient and engineered for maximum oxygen recovery. Other key aspects comprise reduced operating cost and good oxygen production capacity.
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  10. Uog - Series Oxygen Generator Plant

    UOG series oxygen generator plants create oxygen with 99% purity. They have innovative air separation liquid technology with compact design. Their heavy duty compressor gives continuous operation. Safety, reliability, automatic function and simplicity are other key aspects of the Plants. These are appropriate for many industrial and commercial uses.
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  11. Liquid Oxygen Plants

    We offer liquid oxygen plants with oxygen purity up to 99.7%. They are integrated with innovative air separation liquid technology, reliable components and proven design. Compact design, simple operation and low power requirement make the plants applicable in many industry sectors. Industrial and medical are common application areas. We provide the right oxygen system that meets your needs as well as budget.
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  12. Gas Filling Plants

    Our gas filling plants are designed for efficient supply of liquid oxygen. They show the concepts of safety, ease of operation and reliability. The plants are applicable in several industrial areas, such as pharmaceuticals, water process, medical and metallurgy. Also, they maintain the quality and effectiveness of the outputs.
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